We are a collective of Seattle activists working to educate and inform our communities on the climate crisis. Our presentations connect global warming to the systems of oppression. We are focused on shifting the narrative of the climate movement to one that is beyond the superficial causes (fossil fuels) to the deeper injustices of the world by decolonizing our minds and our audiences’.  We speak from our personal truths and share unique perspectives on demanding climate justice and collectively creating a new, just future for us all.

Sarra Tekola

is a scientist, activist and policy changer. She works tirelessly on intersecting movements from Black Lives Matter and ending juvenile incarceration to fossil fuel divestment and just carbon policies.

Patricia Allen

is a founder of NDNs for Justice which is a women-led Indigenous civil rights organization in Seattle.

Yin Yu

is a system practitioner and convener of spaces to explore the complexities as human beings where paradoxes and tensions can be held.

Zarna Joshi

is a writer, public speaker, and activist who was born in England while having cultural and spiritual roots in India.

We Are the Red Line

On December 12, 2015 — As negotiators from countries and companies failed the world for the 21st year in a row Zarna Joshi, collective member of WoC Speak Out, lead Seattlites in a pledge to take local action in resisting Fossil Fuels in the Pacific Northwest and to build a just, verdant future.

Its More Than Global Warming

Understanding Global Warming and the spiritual death civilization dances closer to requires a step back — not only looking at the symptoms of what is currently going around. We must seek to hold and understand the cumulative decisions made by many, policy choices enacted by countries, and the decisions of dominant political and cultural forces over time.

Racism is Alive and Well

Yup that’s right, just because  YOU don’t talk about it nor feel it. Its here, in my life — impacting my community. Its historical, its woven into our institutions. Its the reason you got a call back for your job application and why I didn’t. Its the reason the Global North only cares about any global warming above 2 degrees celsius while the Global South is already being flooded and severely impacted.

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